Public Toilets, Meols, Wirral

Public toilets, Meols, Wirral - ink drawing by Jo Dunn

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Goodbye, tobacco…

You were good while you lasted…

Goodbye tobacco, you were good  while you lasted

Goodbye tobacco, you were good while you lasted

Cammell Laird, Birkenhead

Cammell Laird and St Mary's Tower
The northern perimeter of Cammell Laird shipyard – with Birkenhead Priory and St Mary’s Tower behind the old wall. The new building in front is part of the Maritime and Engineering College.

Oakwood Clock, 5am

Oakwood clock, by Roundhay Park, Leeds 8

Oakwood Clock

I went for a walk when it got light and came to Oakwood. The streets were deserted and the sun was about to burst over the horizon. I sat down on a bench and drew the clock.
Built in 1904 by William Potts & Sons, the clock tower spent its first 8 years in the new Leeds Market Hall. The markets were very popular and soon expanded, so in 1912 the clock was moved to its present location here in Leeds 8, at the edge of Roundhay Park.
The metalwork is rusting and the clock has been neglected by its current owners, Leeds City Council. But somebody cares – Oakwood Traders & Residents Assoc (OTRA) have raised the money needed to restore the clock. More info here.

Oakwood, Leeds, 4.45am 10th July 2014

Oakwood, Leeds, 4.45am 10th July 2014